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brushing up on photography


Photography has always been a hobby of mine; an expensive hobby at that. I enjoy most aspects of photography, but I’ve found that my eye  doesn’t normally capture the type of shot that I’m looking for. This has led me to lean towards studio photography and playing with light. Controlling the lighting in a situation is probably where I have the most fun. Whether it’s properly lighting a subject or providing harsh lighting for a dramatic effect, I really enjoy creating a special “effect” in photography.

A friend of mine recently asked to have a quick photoshoot. When she first asked, I assumed she was looking for headshots for her resume/portfolio so I told her to bring a couple outfits and we would just shoot on white/my back wall. I quickly realized, based on the wardrobe she brought, that she wanted something more in the direction of glamour shots. Well that definitely threw a wrench in my plans so I had to quickly improvise. In a perfect world, I would have all the lighting equipment that professionals use. In my world, I used my desk lamp, an overhead light, and an office light.

These are the results:

My focus was on the post process and taking a simple photo, but making it pop a little more. Id like to mess with posing her a little more in a full body situation but my apartment isn’t the right place for that.

The whole experience was really enjoyable and reminded me about how much I enjoy photography as a hobby. I think if I really pushed myself, I could take the photography to a professional level, but I also just like the thought of having a stress free hobby. Money makes everything more stressful for me. The idea of not satisfying a client who is paying me is quite scary!

I hope you guys enjoyed the series. If you want to model for me, let me know! I’d love to shoot some more!

David Lu 

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