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Lack of Updates


My lack of updates is not something I’m proud of but work has been keeping me busy. Life has been filled with guitars and friends of late, but I’m happy to report that I have recent additions to my web portfolio.

The first is a site for a vintage wedding venue business venture. We talked about the look and feel of the area and then applied it to the site. I used the idea of the swirls to give them an ornate and victorian-esque feel. Overall I think it turned out fairly modern looking with a bit of my pizazz. I liked this project because we created the logo for them as well so it was an all inclusive branding project. I’m excited to get it completely built out.


The second web project in the works is a quick mock up I did for a company called Stain & Stamp. They do custom concrete staining and their current website needed some work so I did a quick overhaul following something similar to what they already had. I just made it cleaner and obviously more modern.

I’m currently applying for a permanent designer job located in downtown Atlanta so wish me luck! Life has been busy, but hopefully the next update won’t be forever and a day away.

David L

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