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Doodling in Photoshop


So I know I haven’t updated in a little while. I have a few works that I’ve been working on, but I’ve been really busy with a lot of other things as of late. Looking for a job is a very time consuming process, but hopefully it’ll pay off at the end of the day.

Yesterday I took a day off to just play around with photoshop. I basically took all of the techniques and textures I’ve wanted to use recently and applied it all to one photo. Hahaha perhaps it’s not the best composition, but I like the effect that was created. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply it something else in the near future. Remember, this was just for fun!

On another note, I have begun brainstorming original tattoo ideas. I want something small, but interesting. Once I finish a sketch, I’ll post and see what you guys think. Lemme know what you think of my doodling!

David L

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  1. 2010/09/22 12:30 am

    Great expression on his face. Heh.

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