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the beach and rocket ships


So yesterday I made a day trip to Panama City Beach. My friends from atlanta do an annual trip down there every April and I was glad to make it for a day. We had a really relaxing playful day and the weather was beautiful. Got to play some volleyball and enjoy the sun!

Aside from that, I brought my camera out towards the end of the day and snapped a few pictures. I’m starting to enjoy shooting a little more when I actually get ideas. It’s really fun to think of interesting poses. This was one of my favorite!

dpak, the rocketship! i could have taken the time to erase his foot marks but i like the traces of “humanity” in the picture. ha!

on top of that, i met a nice older couple on the beach and they were sitting so i thought, why not! add more to my collection of people sitting. this is really starting to be enjoyable for me to meet and take pictures of people sitting. the photos are often quite interesting! i think ill keep doing it even after my final project in street clothes is finished.

I have a crap ton of work to do this week so I dunno if i’ll have time to upload new projects but I’ll do my best. I hope everyone is doing well!

David L

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