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mall kids and guitar straps


Today was eventful, but unfortunately I don’t get to just relax. I have studying to do. BLAH. I don’t have any design work today but I do have a couple of pictures. I went to the mall today to look at a shirt because I had a coupon. Alas, they didn’t have the shirt, but I did snap a couple pictures of some cool cats sitting in front of gamestop. I’m currently taking pictures for a class called street clothes, but they wanted the pictures so I took a couple more that weren’t really what I needed. Here’s one for the books!

After the mall, I went to BestBuy and I perused the guitar section. It’s definitely not as organized as Guitar Center, but it’s a lot more convenient. I played around for about an hour and just thought about how awesome it will be to have my new guitar. I also went ahead and bought a brand spanking new strap! A new guitar needs a new strap right? I just got a simple off-white colored one, but it’s long enough for me, which is good.

Time to study. Have a wonderful saturday everyone!

David L


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