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too much stuff to do and too much excitement to contain


After four years, I’m finally getting a new guitar. I started playing guitar about four years as a sophomore in college. I have owned two guitars. My first acoustic/electric Ibanez guitar has treated me well. It was a pretty good first guitar I must say. I’m looking at it now and I know this guitar so well. I can see the rust on the strings indicating that they need to be changed. Good memories. After I got my Ibanez, I got an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty a little over a year later. That electric guitar was amazing and I wish I hadn’t sold it, but I ended up needing the money so I sold it earlier this semester.

Now, I am getting a “new” acoustic. This will be one of the 5 guitars that I will own by the end of my life. So it’s fairly significant. I will be getting the guitar by next friday which is good since I have a test on tuesday. Since I dont’ have the guitar yet, I will introduce with a picture Tom sent me. Say ‘ello’ to Larrivee L-10E.

With inlays out the wazoo, this is one of the top Larrivee models. It has rosewood back and sides and it’s completely gloss finished. The pick up is a cheap under the saddle fishman passive pick up, but I will change that later. I will also need to invest in a lrbaggs para acoustic di. I can’t wait to get this beauty in my hands. It’s an investment, but i know i’m going to be using this guitar for as long as she’ll have me.

Let’s name her! Maybe I should name her Rachel because it took me FOREVER to get her.
Videos will follow…

David L

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