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new studies and cruise photography


Sorry for the confusion on the last post. I posted some inspiration and usually to me that means that I didn’t make it. I wish I could have taken credit for the paper folding but alas,
that was not mine ^^

THESE, however, ARE MINE. I just did some quick studies in class today. We were told to find a couple of quotes and kind of make a typographic composition. I had a harder time with these and I’m not in love with them but they’re good studies. I really liked the square format of the ‘harabara’ studies so I decided to continue the theme. I also like the quotes! (particularly the second one…it’s clever)

BTW: the font in the second quote “practice…” is my original font! comment if you like!

Also, here’s a picture from the cruise/spring break. I really liked the composition so I did some photoshopping. I’m working on the feature length sb film but that’s slow coming. Until then, enjoy this photo!

Tell me what you think of my work!

David L

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