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Short Films and Patience


These short films really make me smile. It makes me wish I had more patience when it comes to making art. Sometimes, I just want the instant gratification of making something awesome [quickly]. Something to think about.

Today, I don’t have class, but I have a ton of stuff due next week that I should have been working on this week. I know, I know…you don’t care, but this is my blog and I’m going to write about whatever I want.

I’m in the printmaking lab right now. My copperplate is sitting in acid. Pictures to come.

It seems like people are liking my website! Here’s a friend of mine who went out and bought a domain and host after seeing my site! haha

Remember to check out my new site if you haven’t yet! And tell me what you think 🙂

David L

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  1. Dani permalink
    2010/02/27 3:33 am

    awww that is such a cute short film! He was so happy and optimistic 🙂 I want to find joy in the mundane things. I also need to learn patience in making art. I could use a little initiative and creativity too. 😛

  2. josh permalink
    2010/03/15 5:04 am

    british accents make everything cooler, haha. cool vid, thanks for sharing it and your thoughts. [as you can tell, i am going throo all of your blog entries at once]

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